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Sehr geehrte Kundschaft,

leider müssen wir Ihnen mitteilen, dass wir aufgrund der Corona-Thematik bis auf Weiteres keine Kunden in unserer Werkstatt empfangen können. Wir bitten um Ihr Verständnis! Gerne sind wir für Sie telefonisch oder per Email erreichbar.

Mit den besten Grüssen – Bleiben Sie gesund!

Ihr Egger-Team

Dear customers,

unfortunately we have to inform you that due to the Corona issue we cannot receive any customers in our workshop until further notice. We ask for your understanding! We are happy to be reached by phone or email.

Best regards - stay healthy!

Your Egger team


French Romantic Brass


HEUREKA – Finaly, we have 1 ton sheets of leaded brass in our 'french' composition.

The long story of French Romantic brass:

2008, August 11: first ideas in Bern

2009: Design of the project. Search for a producer in Switzerland without effect.

2010: Start of the project: Link to HKB Bern

XRF examination of 50 brass instruments. Definition of a 'french brass 19th century" alloy. Duisburg capitulates in production but helps to find the contact to Ulm: in vain.

2011: A chinese Company sends samples: wrong alloy.

May 2011: finally a source is found in India

2012: Production is very slow and difficult, many trials.

May 2012: arrival at Basel, start of first experiments in the trumpet workshop.

June 7: the metal analysis is ok.

Total: 4 years, 2000 mails, telephone calls, traveling, meetings.