Mission Statement

French Romantic Brass


HEUREKA – Finaly, we have 1 ton sheets of leaded brass in our 'french' composition.

The long story of French Romantic brass:

2008, August 11: first ideas in Bern

2009: Design of the project. Search for a producer in Switzerland without effect.

2010: Start of the project: Link to HKB Bern

XRF examination of 50 brass instruments. Definition of a 'french brass 19th century" alloy. Duisburg capitulates in production but helps to find the contact to Ulm: in vain.

2011: A chinese Company sends samples: wrong alloy.

May 2011: finally a source is found in India

2012: Production is very slow and difficult, many trials.

May 2012: arrival at Basel, start of first experiments in the trumpet workshop.

June 7: the metal analysis is ok.

Total: 4 years, 2000 mails, telephone calls, traveling, meetings.